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Sean is a software developer and technographer from Philly. He specializes in building web applications and evaluating digital communities. For fun he plays many different types of games and likes to be outside with friends. This website is his home on the web, where he serves up great links and aggregates his digital life.

Recent Activity

(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - How I Start
Awesome intros to different programming languages and how experienced folks in that language get started.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - Personal sites are awesome
Fun, open source, list of personal websites.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - The Good Employee
A modern company viewed with graph theory, with some humor.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) -
Gorgeous site that provides a bit of perspective about us.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - HTML & CSS Is Hard
Attractively designed HTML & CSS tutorial, might be good for getting into web dev.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - Planted Detroit
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - Glimpse
SaaS that helps discover exploding trends before they take off.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - Tranquility Calendar
Interesting alternative take on calendar systems, wish there were many more options like this one.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - Moons of all the planets in our solar system | Hacker News
More interesting data for space cartography.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - A Topographic Map of the Moon | Hacker News
Space cartography, very scifi.
(pinboard - Aug 21 2019) - Trails of Wind
Really cool visualization of the alignment of airport runways globally, can use arrow keys on left section to scroll.
(blog - Aug 14 2019) - Aspects of Main Street
A short series of observations about the local main street.
(blog - Jun 11 2019) - The Premise of Technography
(blog - Mar 11 2019) - Clay Shirky on building social software
(blog - Dec 11 2018) - Imzy Closing
Some quick thoughts on the closing of Imzy.
(blog - Nov 29 2018) - Modern Witchcraft


The Technographer - My blog.
Checklisting.Club - Collaborative preparedness SaaS.
The VFA News Club - Clone of for VFA.
Laddr-Python - Beginner-friendly clone of laddr.
PennApps Fellows - Summer internship program in Philly.
PillPal - Pill dispenser, 3rd place at PennApps XIII.
Better Swipe Access - A card swipe access system for machine shops.
Cartography - My own drawings and maps.
Senior Thesis - On detecting novel communities.
DVPCC - Private community for cancer researchers.

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