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Sean is a software developer and technographer from Philly. He specializes in building web applications and evaluating digital communities. For fun he plays many different types of games and likes to be outside with friends. This website is his home on the web, where he serves up great links and aggregates his digital life.

Recent Activity

(Dec 11 2019) - Phineas Phisher - Hack Back Bank
Really good read of a hack on a Cayman Island bank, provides all kinds of links and details.
(Dec 11 2019) - Local-first software: you own your data, in spite of the cloud
Clear overview of a paper about local-first applications.
(Dec 11 2019) - Telling users why their content was removed reduces future issues [pdf] | Hacker News
Nice discussion on moderation in online communities.
(Dec 11 2019) - Ask HN: Curious to know if people still use IRC? | Hacker News
(Dec 11 2019) - Voat: What Went Wrong? | Lobsters
Deep discussion on a misleading article and what really happened at Voat (and why).
(Dec 11 2019) - How Trolls Overran the Public Square | Hacker News
Good discussion on how the term 'troll' has changed and public spaces as they relate to online communities.
(Dec 11 2019) - Virtual Community, Phony Civic Society?
Short piece from one of my favorite authors on the ability of digital communities to fulfill their role in civic society.
(Dec 11 2019) - Automate the Boring Stuff with Python
Looks like a really neat book and nice way to pick up Python.
(Dec 04 2019) - Analogue - By Pocket
(Dec 04 2019) - Playdate. A New Handheld Gaming System
(Dec 04 2019) - Ian's Shoelace Site
A wonderful site with beautiful graphics of various shoelace knots. I love the internet.
(Dec 04 2019) - IPFS is the Distributed Web
(Dec 04 2019) - Making Maps: DIY Cartography
Post exploring many types of symbols and signs for your maps.
(Aug 14 2019) - Aspects of Main Street
A short series of observations about the local main street.
(Jun 11 2019) - The Premise of Technography
(Mar 11 2019) - Clay Shirky on building social software
(Dec 11 2018) - Imzy Closing
Some quick thoughts on the closing of Imzy.
(Nov 29 2018) - Modern Witchcraft


The Technographer - My blog.
Checklisting.Club - Collaborative preparedness SaaS.
The VFA News Club - Clone of for VFA.
Laddr-Python - Beginner-friendly clone of laddr.
PennApps Fellows - Summer internship program in Philly.
PillPal - Pill dispenser, 3rd place at PennApps XIII.
Better Swipe Access - A card swipe access system for machine shops.
Cartography - My own drawings and maps.
Senior Thesis - On detecting novel communities.
DVPCC - Private community for cancer researchers.

Contact Me

I really enjoy hearing from people, so feel free to email me at seanjcrl at that popular google mail service .com. I'm not always the quickest to reply, but I'll do my best to get back to you!