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Today I will live with: Empathy
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Recent Activity

on blog Dec 11 2020
on blog Apr 14 2020
on blog Apr 13 2020
on blog Apr 02 2020
Experimental post about my latest adventures in Dwarf Fortress.
on blog Aug 14 2019
A short series of observations about the local main street.

Hey! Welcome!

Sean is a software developer and technographer from Philly. He specializes in building web applications and evaluating digital communities. For fun he plays many different types of games and likes to be outside with friends. This website is his home on the web, where he serves up great links and aggregates his digital life.

Active Projects

The Technographer - My blog.
Checklisting.Club - Collaborative preparedness SaaS.
The VFA News Club - Clone of for VFA.
Minecraft Custom JSON Generator - Custom world generator for Minecraft.
Laddr-Python - Beginner-friendly clone of laddr.
Cartography - My own drawings and maps.

Past Projects

PennApps Fellows - Summer internship program in Philly.
PillPal - Pill dispenser, 3rd place at PennApps XIII.
Better Swipe Access - A card swipe access system for machine shops.
Senior Thesis - On detecting novel communities.
DVPCC - Private community for cancer researchers.

Contact Me

I really enjoy hearing from people, so feel free to email me at seanjcrl at that popular google mail service .com. I'm not always the quickest to reply, but I'll do my best to get back to you!